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Life Update - April 2018

We've been gone too long -- and we're sorry about that. However, no time like the Springtime to get a fresh jump and start things anew. We just wanted to provide a few life updates and clue you all in on what we've been up to for the past 3 months or so. We'll also be making an effort to post on a more consistent basis. If there's any topic you want us to cover, feel free to let us know! We're always looking for a solid theme for our posts so send them our way.



Happy Spring, y'all! Although it’s not a very springy day as I lay on my couch under a fresh outta-the-dryer blanket with a 33 degree wind chill outside.

What the H, Texas?

Nevertheless, I love spring. It’s like a reset button. Flowers get planted. Sandals emerge from the back of the closet. Stuff gets washed….and put through the dryer 2x times.

Spring can also be the start of new beginnings. So it seemed fitting for us to give a little update on what’s going down at the Sauers’ shack. First and foremost being Ethan starting a new job, which I’m not going to speak too much on since I’m sure he’ll give you more accurate details on that one. But I will say we’re both happy to be off The Hill. Like….real happy.

I’m T-minus 33 school days till summer. I love my kids. I love teaching 1st grade. I love my fellow teachers. But we’re all antsy for summer time. I’m starting to make a mental list of things I want to change in my classroom for next year so I’m ready to have a fresh new start. I’m super pumped to start year 3 of teaching. Especially since I’ll be in the same grade for two consecutive year. I finally feel like I’ll be going into a new school year not being completely clueless. Yay!

Although our commute is a pain, we’re going to stick around in our sweet little starter home. I love my little farmhouse wannabe. I often call it my castle. We’ve talked about moving to be closer to our jobs and to our church, but the truth is we love it here.

Tuesday nights have easily become something we look forward to the most. We spend these evenings with our wonderful new friends that make our community group. I can’t talk much more about it or I’ll boohoo all over the place. But yall know I love ya. And for anyone reading this that is currently not plugged into a church or any sort of small group—this is your sign. Do it. You need to people to walk through trenches and mountain tops with.

So as this new season begins, so is a sense of contentment. There’s so much to look around and be thankful for. Laundry’s a pain. Commutes suck. But life is good and we are joyful.



Over the last few months, Em and I have been praying over my job search and preparing our plans for the rest of our year. Honestly, most of 2017 was spent frustrated with my job search and feeling that great opportunities were passing me by— I had a handful of interviews and for one reason or another, nothing ever came to fruition. It was easy to be frustrated with our current situation and with God’s planning. Fast forward to just a few weeks ago and peace in resolution was provided. I recently accepted a position with a Marketing Agency in Arlington and start tomorrow. Starting a new job has me with butterflies and a bit of anxiety but the timing in which God has provided these things brings me a great deal of peace. Prayers are greatly appreciated and for those of you that have been sharing the job hunt with Em and I, thank you for being so faithful to us. We greatly appreciate it.

Speaking of those faithfully going through life with us— we have also been so inspired and fulfilled by our Community Group. I know that Life/Community groups are a young Christian trope and all, but we have been so blessed through the participation in ours. Outside of a few instances, it has always been so hard to find a group of people who intentionally and genuinely want to be a part of your life and your spiritual growth, but we’ve found it. Having a solid network of friends that are interested in serving and loving has been a trip. Em and I both find ourselves bragging on them and consistently overwhelmed with the appreciation we feel for them. It’s impossible to talk about our life over the past few months without including their connection in it..

We’re hopeful to update the blog a bit more frequently (especially over Summer). Look for a few independent posts from either Emily or myself— we want to keep everyone up to date while also keeping that unique perspective from both of us. With my portion, I’ll leave you with a movie recommendation (as we just saw it yesterday): A Quiet Place. Written & Directed by John Krasinski (Jim Halpert/Big Tuna/Big Haircut from the Office), staring he and his wife. The concept is refreshing and jarring. Solid 7.5/10.

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