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What I'm Into: May 2021

Here’s a look at What I’m Into this month in the world of music, movies & television:

Detroiters: Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson are easily recognizable if you’re familiar with, the Netflix sketch-comedy hit, “I Think You Should Leave”. If you’re not familiar with that show, then consider this a double-recommendation. Detroiters delivers the same off-beat laughs that “I Think You Should Leave” does, but it does so while developing a single cast of characters for which you instantly root and cheer on. Detroiters centers around two low-budget ad execs in, you guessed it, Detroit. There’s so much charisma and charm grounding this show in reality that the absurdist humor that’s so heavily mixed in doesn’t even take you out of the experience. This is easily one of my favorites shows that I’ve discovered over the past year. So much so that I’m writing it up after only seeing the first six episodes.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier: This one needs no background. If you’re not on the Marvel train by now, you’ll likely never catch that ride. However, if you are and you’ve had any reservations about Disney+ and the original content they’re producing, then this is your sign to engage. I can definitely see how this was meant to be the direct entry point to Marvel’s Disney+ shows and the Post-Endgame Cinematic Universe. F&TWS picks up post-blip and provides some much-needed world-building in the new day & age they’ve set in motion. Though it lacks some of the magic (pun intended) of Wandavision, it is a welcome addition to the Marvel collection.

The Kid Detective: The first watch of this one for Emily and I came last Fall after the first blockbuster-less Summer in my lifetime so I was curious how it would hold up after re-watch after I’ve seen more new films this year than in all of 2020. The film just absolutely hits its mark as a dark-comedy whodunit. I’m a sucker for Adam Brody ever since I first saw him as Seth Cohen but for the first time in a very long time, it felt good to be rewarded for a move in which he has a leading role. The film does a great job mixing genres and tonality and is propelled by the genuine longing expressed by Brody’s character. Easily one of my the few bright spots of film in 2020.

How to With John Wilson: This one is for fans of Nathan For You (as Nathan Fielder is an executive producer) and anyone who is okay with understated comedy that makes you feel some intense second-hand embarrassment. How to With John Wilson was a bright-spot in pandemic entertainment and is one that I’ve been excited to re-watch for a while. The episodes are mini-documentaries that tackle topics such as “How to Make Small Talk” and “How to Put Up Scaffolding”. The episodes usually wander around like one wanders around a big city and when it seems to be most off the rails, somehow finds a way to show its big heart and return to theme. How To’s season finale centers on “How to Make the Perfect Risotto” and is perhaps the best piece of media that centers on the Pandemic. As with any HBO show, watch with caution as some episodes get off the rails in much more explicit ways than others.

Playlist of the Post:

Track Listing:

  1. Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon) - Justin Bieber

  2. Running Over (feat. Lil Dicky) - Justin Bieber

  3. Bear Claws - The Academic

  4. Me & You Together Song - The 1975

  5. See Through - The Band CAMINO

  6. Only Wanna Be With You - Post Malone

  7. Molly (feat. Brendon Urie) - Lil Dicky

  8. if we never met - John K

  9. The Sound - Noah Gundersen

  10. Hold On - Justin Bieber


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