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What I'm Into: August 2021

Here’s a look at What I’m Into this month in the world of music, movies & television:

Ted Lasso: It's hard for me to believe that I haven't written up Ted Lasso yet, but I think I've been holding out for a deep-dive. No doubt that will come later, but for the time being, let me tell you about the best show you aren't watching. Ted Lasso is a breath of fresh air in today's climate. With real life providing political divide and polarizing social issues and the past two decades of Award-Winning television glamorizing antiheroes, Ted Lasso is a chaser that is long overdue. Jason Sudeikis' performance as a modern-day Mr. Rogers is genuinely great (and his recent feature in GQ is a great read, while we're at it!). For those of you who may be scared off by the sports-theme, know that it's merely the backdrop -- Emily has a pretty strict "no sports" mindset when it comes to her tv/movie viewing and this one has become one of her favorites just as it has for me. It's a quick catch up -- Season 1 is 10 30-minute episodes and Season Two is currently 4 episodes deep and releasing new ones every Friday on Apple TV.

"Tickets to my Downfall" - Machine Gun Kelly: This is the first time I'm writing up an album but it's hard to describe the things that I'm enjoying this month without mentioning this album. Now, bare with me on this one, because I know this likely constitutes a guilty pleasure, but when things in my life get stressful, I gravitate towards music that takes me back. Particularly, music that takes me back to pop/punk soundtracks and taking the long way home after a closing shift at Starbucks back in high school. The fact that this comes in the form of a Machine Gun Kelly album is as surprising to me as it is to you. My knowledge of MGK is basically that he's a friend of Pete Davidson but this album really hits the mark on the era of Warped Tour. Standouts include "forget me too" with Halsey and "my ex's best friend" with blackbear. And if you're feeling extra nostalgic, feel free to try the cover of Paramore's "Misery Business" on the extended edition.

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain: Directed by Morgan Neville ("Won't You Be My Neighbor"), Roadrunner examines the life and memory of the beloved globetrotting chef, Anthony Bourdain. This one was heavier than I anticipated but rightfully so. All-in-all it just really made me want to see new episodes of "No Reservations" or "Parts Unknown" and I'm legitimately made that that's not a possibility anymore. There was some controversy about a few AI-created voice-overs that were used (primarily to read things that Bourdain had written but never said) and overall, they were recognizable, however I don't feel there was anything malicious about it. If you were a fan of the content produced by Bourdain, this one is a can't-miss.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2: We'll keep with the theme of new forms of media joining the write-up this month with THPS1+2. Growing up, I was an N64 kid so this one brought back so many memories. Seeing the THPS series was being re-released on the Switch meant an instant pre-order on my part. I've spent more time on my Switch playing this one than I have in quite some time. Honorable mention to Breath of the Wild, which I played a ton last month. If you were a THPS fan and have a Switch (or can borrow your kid's) this is a must.

Playlist of the Post:

Track Listing:

  1. my ex's best friend - Machine Gun Kelly (feat. blackbear)

  2. Featuring Mark Hoppus- Hot Mulligan

  3. Tom Holland Oates - Origami Angel

  4. Growing Up - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ed Sheeran)

  5. Shouldn't Matter but It Does - John Mayer

  6. Slow Burn - Kacey Musgraves

  7. If It Makes You Happy - Michael Cera Palin

  8. i need you (to be wrong) - Switchfoot

  9. BCKYRD - Hot Mulligan

  10. forget me too - Machine Gun Kelly (feat. Halsey)


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