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Quick Hits - An Introduction

Emily's a teacher and as is teacher-tradition, the first day of class is always an opportunity for Ice Breakers. Many of you will already know us, coming into this blog. So to provide an engaging and enticing read, we decided to switch things up a little bit and hone in on the angle of this blog: perspective. We'll give you 10 Facts about both of us, but the catch is that each is written at by the other and without knowing what the other has written.


Ethan's Facts About Emily:

  1. Part of the reason Emily wanted to start this blog was because she wanted to present a “real” couples’ blog. One that chips away at the pretenses of online personas and actually gives people a glimpse of what a real marriage, relationship, and home looks like.

  2. Emily loves the song “Fancy” by Reba McEntire and she gave me such a hard time when we listened to it for the first time because I had never really listened to the song and I thought it was about a horse. For those unaware, it is not about it a horse.

  3. Emily recently told me that she “consider(s) Christmas Music to be a genre” and that it is her second favorite genre, behind Country Music.

  4. Emily’s favorite movies include “The Blindside” and “Bad Moms” -- our list of favorite movies contrasts one another’s like the day contrasts the night.

  5. Emily is the single most loving person I know. The way she cares and opens her heart is something unmatched in anyone else I’ve ever met.

  6. I once asked Emily what her favorite restaurant was and she responded, without hesitation, “Braum’s”. There was zero joking in her tone and I have learned that there is zero joke intended. She loves Braum’s.

  7. Emily’s #goals include a mantel full of stockings and multiple dogs under the Christmas Tree.

  8. Favorite interests of Emily’s include Sweet Tea, Rocking Chairs, and reruns of Family Feud.

  9. She’s Hank’s favorite… and that’s okay.

  10. If there’s something made/marketed by the Pioneer Woman, then there’s a good chance it’s either on her wishlist or in our kitchen.


Emily's Facts About Ethan:

  1. He loves the art of film. He appreciates it in a way that I can’t fathom. It’s actually really cool. If he recommends a movie to you—you should probably watch it. Because he really knows how to pick a good one.

  2. He’s a wonderful listener. You could be talking about politics, religion, or eyeshadow palettes. Even if he doesn’t agree or have a clue, he’ll listen.

  3. He knows every word to Ol’ Red by Blake Shelton. And he can SANG it. (Even though we don’t play that mess in our house. #teamMiranda)

  4. You should read anything he writes. And yes – I know I’m biased – but seriously. He writes with such passion and humility and it’s really beautiful.

  5. He does a spot-on Borat impression daily.

  6. The man buys books like the world is running out. Our house is literally bursting at the seams with books. They’re everywhere. Have you ever seen the Twilight episode “Time Enough at Last”? Well if you haven’t—you should. And if you have – that’s Ethan.

  7. If you ask him to pick the restaurant, 9 times out of 10 he’s going to pick Taco Bell. It’s a weird relationship I’ve come to terms with.

  8. He knows so much about football. Like so freaking much. It’s insane. I don’t think I know that much about anything.

  9. He reminds me to pray. Because sometimes I’m stubborn and I want a quick fix. But he always points me back to prayer.

  10. He lets me have the AUX cord. Which I think tells so much about a person.


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